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Favorite Toys


These durable toys are for children of all ages and perfect for play at home, in the pool and anywhere they will stick. The versatility in their suction allows for hand-eye coordination practice with pushing them together or tossing them at a target, grip and arm strengthening when pulling them apart, and standing balance practice when pulling them off the wall. This toy inspires creativity and experimentation in play, as fun is only limited by your imagination. 


These suction cups allow for open-ended play, as they will stick, roll and stack. Stacking with suction promotes spatial awareness and fine motor skills.  The suction on the bottom allows for little cubbies for toys to be hidden when stuck on the wall, encouraging standing and reaching play. They can also be great for snacks, as they will stick to the table, preventing spills.


These suction spinners can be stuck to a variety of surfaces and are durable for play in the house and in the pool. The spinning wheels encourage reaching and visual tracking during play in all developmental positions. The textures on the surface promote tactile stimulation and multi-sensory integration.


These over-sized squigz can be push, pulled, shaken and popped. They are versatile in the surfaces to be stuck to, the textures along their surfaces and their ages for play. They provide extra resistance when stuck, increasing arm and hand strengthening and increasing balance reactions needed when pulling them from a surface.

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These alligators can be matched by color or letters, letting them grow developmentally with your child. The upper and lowercase letters can help reinforce letter recognition. Pulling them apart promotes arm and grip strength and pushing them back together promotes hand-eye coordination and motor accuracy. 


These popsicles reinforce color matching, letter matching and upper body strengthening. They are durable and fun for both indoor and outdoor play. These popsicles are a fun way to promote imaginative play and developmental learning with pretend food play.


This egg carton toy can be matched with colors and shapes, allowing for bimanual shape sorting to put the eggs back together. The life-like carton promotes pretend play and lets the child's imagination guide the developmental play.


These adorable bears promote fine motor play with their size and the tweezer included to pick up the bears. The bears can be sorted into their honey pots by both colors and shapes on their tummy and the dice included allow for counting and mathematic practical play.


The wonder wheel attracts the attention of the child with the spinning, high-contrast black and white pieces and rings. The little beads allow for both visual and auditory stimulation for the child and the suction at the bottom can keep it in place with reaching motivation from the rotating wheel.


The Noggin stick is perfect for younger children as their visual system is developing, as there is a mirror, high-contrast black and white bottom and color changing top. The stick in the middle fits perfectly into a child's growing hands for grasping practice and hand-eye coordination.


This water mat is filled with water in the middle and air along the sides, elevating the surface for tummy time play, making it easier and more fun for a child on their tummy. The shifting surface and moving foam toys attract the child's attention, providing more motivation for hold his or her head up for neck and back strengthening. This mat is easily deflated for packing to bring the tummytime play everywhere.


These links are bright and fun, and can be connected into any length. They help to promote grasp and reaching due to their fit in a child's hands and can be placed over feet or hands to facilitate arm and leg spontaneous and volitional movements. The fun tactile patterns along the sides increase sensory stimulation with play.

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