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physical therapy tools


These dots are fun and bright, helping to bring attention for spacing and body awareness during motor play. They can be helpful as a starting or stopping spot during obstacles course and providing external cues for directions or distances with movement.


These colorful cones are great targets with agility training, external cues for motion and landing sites for ring and ball tossing. They are perfect for children of all ages and can be used for pattern training and cognitive challenges being added to gross motor tasks. The cones are great targets for standing balance as a target for tapping their feet on top or as objects to step over.


These unstable surfaces are a unique and intriguing way to challenge balance, whether standing on the spikey side or the flat side. They can be added into obstacle courses as targets to step on or over and their spikey surface can increase sensory stimulation. They can be used for agility targets or moving dots for leg strengthening and motor control training.


The compliant surfaces is perfect for unstable balance training in sitting, standing and all developmental positions. The amount of inflation can change the feedback for the child and help to vary the assistance or difficulty of the activity. It has many color options to help provide customization for the child and their preferences.


These are a perfect addition to any obstacle course, as the bucket distances apart can influence step length, balance demands or jumping distances. They can be flipped upside down and used as targets for ball tossing or sensory play. Toys or puzzle pieces can be hidden under the buckets to promote squatting and reaching on elevated surfaces.


These tubes are perfect for children of all ages, to promote grip and arm strengthening to pull them apart or hand-eye coordination to push them back into shape. They provide a sensory experiences with the engaging noises to be made when pulling them apart and the visual experiences with their change in shape. They can be linked together in succession or in rings, items placed inside them to create a shaker or used for resistance in motion like a theraband.


This mobile surface can be used for global strengthening and coordination practice in all developmental positions. It requires core strength and balance to stay on top of, muscle activation of arms or legs to propel and vestibular input as the child moves on the floor.

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