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Shoes for orthoses

billy boys.png
billy girls.png

This universally designed shoe, doesn't forget about the importance of fashion, trends and pattern options. Zip open these shoes, flip open the top and slide right into a shoe for every foot. The zipper on the top makes these shoes a perfect choice for over many orthoses. Designed to be adaptive, though the styles appeal to all children.

nb boys.png
nb girls.png

These wide fit shoes provide extra room when sliding in an AFO or shoe insert, as they have both wide and extra-wide sizes to fit all shapes of feet. The velcro on the hoop and loop straps runs across the entire length of the strap on both sides, providing room through the middle of the shoe to fit an orthotic insert but close securely. The rubber sole and durable fabric can withstand the all-day play of children.

nike girls.png
nike boys.png

The straps and zippers around the heel, allow for universal design and ease for taking shoes on and off. This adaptable entrance allows for inserts and orthoses to slide in just as ease as feet.  There are many patterns, shapes and designs with the dependable trends in Nike footwear. 

hatchback girls.png
hatchback boys.png

These pediatric shoes were designed with a hinged opening, allowing for the back to hinge down for easy access for toddlers feet. This brand was so well-liked by customers they then designed it for extra space around the ankle for AFOs. The brand has evolved based on needs of the customers and is open to continued feedback for growth of the brand. 

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