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Shoes for support

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Stride-Rite is a trusted brand in supportive pediatric footwear with the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval, as they have been a pediatric footwear brand for over 100 year. These shoes provide support across the foot and a sturdy base, for which can improve the foot contact with the ground while allowing strengthening from the ankle up during gross motor play. They have many collections to match the need for your child including, extra wide fits, machine washable and detailed shoe fit measuring charts to perfect the correct size. 

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These adorable shoes come in many patterns and designs, appealing to many children and families. They have squeakers in the heels to encourage a heel-toe gait pattern when walking, as the squeaker will only make noise if the heel makes contact with the ground. This is a great shoe for children who walk on their toes and looking to break the habit. But don’t worry, the squeaker can be turned on or off to modulate sound.

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This is a great high-top shoe for a child who needs more support at their ankle. If a child's ankle collapses onto itself or rolls over the outside frequently, a high top shoe can be a great option before considering additional supports. The zipper on the side makes it easy to take on and off without losing the fashionable style. 


These sandals come in an assortment of colors, patterns and styles to match every child's interests. They provide reinforcement for the feet, especially at the arches, which can often be an overlooked need in a pediatric sandal. They are durable with a thick sole, to be long-lasting and supportive, for indoor and outdoor adventures.

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This brand is an adorable, dependable footwear brand for children on the move. They are designed with interchangeable straps and removable soles, to fit additional foot inserts if needed. They are flexible, lightweight and come in mesh, waterproof and leather material, all to best meet the needs of the child.

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This sandal is versatile, durable and comfortable. They are adjustable over top to accommodate increased width in growing feet and in length with the two snap back closure. The back opening up, also makes it easier for children to practice putting on themselves. They provide a good heel cup around the back of the foot and support at the arch for a developing foot. 

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This pediatric footwear brand has shoes for all ages and is a vegan shoe line, with no animal by-products. The Flexi-fit sole has memory foam to assist in the perfect fit. These ultra-lite shoes are slip resistant on the bottom to help facilitate new walkers. All shoes are water safe and they have machine washable shoe lines as well. 

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This pediatric footwear line was designed by a mother looking to create the best shoes for her own children and has received the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. The flexibility of the sole allows for all-day play. These shoes have lines for new walkers and all ages, with low top and high top sneakers, sandals, mary janes and more. They are designed with a child's foot in mind, which is ever changing. #lookforthewagon

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These supportive sandals and shoes are perfect for the adventurous child. The hook and loop strap promotes independence with putting shoes on and the hook in the back gives extra support when sliding feet in. The shoes are machine washable and are designed for exploration in and out of water. The footbed of these shoes are designed to match the natural contour of a growing foot.  

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These shoes are specifically designed for the child with an extra wide foot. If other shoes haven't fit your child, please give these a try! Not only are the designs adorable and designed with a kid in mind, they are shock absorbent, odor resistant, hand-washable, and come in an infinite assortment of colors and treatments. They have sandals, shoes, slides and boots for all the footwear needs of your child. 


These stylish and slip-resistant shoes are designed for the outdoors, with slip-resistant technology and high-traction soles to prevent ankles from sliding around. They have easy Velcro, bungee or toggle closures to match the needs of your child and adorable designs made of durable, stylish materials like dyed suede, full-grain leather, ventilated mesh and seam-sealed waterproof membranes. These Merrell shoes are ready to embrace the elements and enjoy the great outdoors. 

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